Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

With Christmas getting ever closer, Zazzle has come out with some sweet new products for the holiday. Let's check two of these awesome new items out!

 First up, Christmas tree skirts! How cool that you can have your own custom tree skirt, and in your choice of brushed polyester, fleece, or faux linen. Here are a few of my favorites...

Gingerbread Train | Tree Skirt
Gingerbread Train | Tree Skirt by OrangeOstrichDesigns
View other Christmas Tree Skirts at Zazzle.com

Then, we have Christmas stockings! Once again, you can have your choice of materials, as well as options for front and back printing, and cuff color (depending on the stocking). Here are a few I love, in both the traditional and elf styles.

Cute Reindeer Name Personalized Christmas Stocking Large Christmas Stocking
Cute Reindeer Name Personalized Christmas Stocking Large Christmas Stocking by Catchthemoon
Check out Christmas Christmas Stockings online at zazzle

With all of Zazzle's products, the best thing is that you can customize them yourself. Add a name, change a color, or start from scratch and make your own design! Here's to Christmas!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Edible Frosting Rounds

I am super excited about one of Zazzle's newest products...edible frosting rounds! These are awesome. I mean, seriously, what a great customizable product. They come in sheets of 15, and measure 2" inches. What a fun way to decorate your cookies or cupcakes! Just in time for Halloween!

Perfect for the team...
Soccer Ball Edible Frosting Rounds
Soccer Ball Edible Frosting Rounds by Circle_Graphics
View more Sport Frosting Rounds at zazzle.com

For your little princess...
These would be great for a Christmas party!
Fabulous birthday design!
Although these are new, there are already thousands of them to choose from on Zazzle. Of course, if you can't find any that suit you, you can always design your own. Have a look at all the fantastic edible frosting rounds!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School

Where has the summer gone? September is upon us, and for many, it's time for books, classes, and new school gear! Zazzle has plenty of fantastic products to help out with those school needs. Let's take a look at some of them!

 I love this printing practice dry erase board. What a fun way to practice writing those ABCs!

Here's the perfect thing to help you, or your student, get some quiet time to study....

Need some help organizing the desk? Let this handy organizer help you out!

Who doesn't love lunch time? Make it extra special with a custom lunchbox!

And for the teacher, this says it all!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cake Pops

They've done it again! Zazzle has a host of new products, and one of the really fun ones is custom cake pops! These are delish cake pops from Veronica's Treats, and they come in a wide variety of options. You can choose from three flavors of filling, three icing flavors, and ten drizzle colors! Then comes the best part. The front of the cake pop has a cookie base covered in white frosting that your designs can be printed on. Genius! (and delicious) Let's check out some of the designs that Zazzle shopkeepers have created!

Perfectly elegant for a wedding...

Fun for a cowgirl birthday party!

Little Cowgirl 1st Birthday Cake Pops
Little Cowgirl 1st Birthday Cake Pops by pinkinkart
Find other 1st birthday Cake Pops at zazzle.com

This snowman would be perfect for a Christmas party...

Cute Snowman Cake Pops
Cute Snowman Cake Pops by Circle_Graphics
Look at Christmas Cake Pops online at Zazzle.com

Getting ready for a baby shower?

Cute Baby Boy in Tree Baby Shower Cake Pops
Cute Baby Boy in Tree Baby Shower Cake Pops by GroovyGraphics
Look at more Boys baby shower Cake Pops at zazzle

Here are some customizable sport jersey themed ones!

Not finding what you're look for? Check out all of Zazzle's custom cake pops here! Or you can make you're very own from scratch, right here!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Custom Zazzle-cure!

In need of a manicure? How about getting a Zazzle-cure with Zazzle's Minx nails? They are stylish nail coverings (a.k.a. stickers or decals) that can be applied either at home or at a Minx salon. Let's check some out!

Get your morning started right with these breakfast themed nails! Yummy...

So, I am not a nail polish or nail cover kind of person, but I might seriously consider being that person if I had these. SUSHI?! YES!

Chevron patterns are all the rage, so check out these fun pink, blue, and white chevron patterned ones!

Here are some cool crimson blending stripes nails...

Lips and lipstick, anyone? Fun!

Lips and Lipstick Nail Art
Lips and Lipstick Nail Art by Photo_Genesis
Browse more Lipstick Minx Nails at Zazzle

So, right now on Zazzle there are over 44,000 Minx nails to choose from. If you don't see one you like here, I am sure you can find a set on Zazzle. Check them out here!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

License Plates

Here's a great new product that Zazzle is offering...custom front license plates! These can only be used in certain states where only one plate is required, so they aren't for everyone. But let's have a look at some of the amazing designs being put on them! For the monogrammer...

For those who want to show off their eco friendly car!

Eco Friendly Product License Plate
Eco Friendly Product License Plate by TheGraphicsCreative
Browse more Eco License Plate Covers at Zazzle

Fantastic Viking dragon...

For the soccer star, or if you want to change the text, the soccer fan!

Soccer Star License Plate
Soccer Star License Plate by TheGraphicsCreative
Look at other Soccer License Plate Covers at zazzle.com

Keeping it cool with blue flames...

And one for those who love summer!

Summer Lovin' License Plate
Summer Lovin' License Plate by TheGraphicsCreative
Shop for Heart License Plate Covers online at Zazzle.com

Want to look for one that fits your style? Have a look here!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Igloo Coolers

Is there anything that Zazzle can't customize? Sometimes I wonder! Here's a fabulous brand new product offered by Zazzle...Igloo coolers! They come in two styles; beverage dispensers and can coolers, and each style has varying sizes. Let's check them out!

 24 can cooler...

12 can cooler...
1 quart beverage dispenser...
H2O Condensation Igloo Beverage Dispenser
H2O Condensation Igloo Beverage Dispenser by TheGraphicsCreative
View other Water Igloo Beverage Cooler at Zazzle.com

Half gallon beverage dispenser...
5 gallon beverage dispenser...
10 gallon beverage dispenser...
Personalized Soccer Team or Name Igloo Beverage Dispenser
Personalized Soccer Team or Name Igloo Beverage Dispenser by samack
Check out other Soccer Igloo Beverage Cooler at zazzle.com

These are perfect for summer! Want to see more? Check them out here!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ready, Set...Car Mats!

Let's have a look at one of Zazzle's newest products...car mats! You can order the big ones, small ones, or a set. These will really make a statement in your car!

 Fore! Here's one for the golfer...

Golfers Car Mat
Golfers Car Mat by TheGraphicsCreative
Check out these Floor Matsat Zazzle

I mustache you to put these in your car!

Aaaa! Alien invasion!

Love this pattern!

Black white pattern car mat set
Black white pattern car mat set by DoodlesGifts
Look at Black Sets of Car Mats online at Zazzle.com

Want to monogram? Do it in style!

Magenta Pink Monogram with Light Blue Chevron Floor Mat
Magenta Pink Monogram with Light Blue Chevron Floor Mat by ZeraDesign
Check out more Zazzle Floor Mats

Not seeing what you're looking for? Check out all the car mats here!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Circle Graphics

Just wanted to pop in and show you this new Z store...Circle Graphics! I doesn't have many products yet, but they sure are cute! And round. Have a look... Adorable baby shower invites...

Fun wedding themed wine charms...

Delicious cupcake wrapping paper...

White Cupcake with Cherry Gift Wrap Paper
White Cupcake with Cherry Gift Wrap Paper by Circle_Graphics
Check out other Cupcake Wrapping Paper at zazzle.com

And a fun Eiffel Tower tee!

Eiffel Tower Shirts
Eiffel Tower Shirts by Circle_Graphics
Look at more Paris T-Shirts at zazzle

Want to see more? Go check out Circle Graphics!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Invitation Shapes

Zazzle is constantly working to offer new and different products, and sometimes a new twist on a tried and true product. They have done just that with their new invitation shapes. They are ticket, rounded, bracket, tag, and scalloped. Here's a look at each shape!

Here's a super fun and totally unique pictograph wedding invitation, using the nice rounded corner invites.  

The bracket shape really adds a touch of elegance to this gorgeous Bat Mitzvah invitation.

This invitation has such a fabulous design...looks just like a baked good! The scalloped edges really help create a unique effect for this invitation.

Here we have the ticket shaped baby shower invitation, featuring a beautiful woodland fairy tale scene. Lovely!
Woodland Fairy Tale Baby Shower Invitations Cards
Woodland Fairy Tale Baby Shower Invitations Cards by Top100BabyNames
Check out Woodland animals Invitations online at zazzle

And finally, the totally unique tag shaped invitation! Perfect for this travel themed bridal shower design!

Want to do some exploring of your own, and see what fabulous invitations fit your needs? Check out all of Zazzle's amazing invites here!