Wednesday, June 25, 2014

License Plates

Here's a great new product that Zazzle is offering...custom front license plates! These can only be used in certain states where only one plate is required, so they aren't for everyone. But let's have a look at some of the amazing designs being put on them! For the monogrammer...

For those who want to show off their eco friendly car!

Eco Friendly Product License Plate
Eco Friendly Product License Plate by TheGraphicsCreative
Browse more Eco License Plate Covers at Zazzle

Fantastic Viking dragon...

For the soccer star, or if you want to change the text, the soccer fan!

Soccer Star License Plate
Soccer Star License Plate by TheGraphicsCreative
Look at other Soccer License Plate Covers at

Keeping it cool with blue flames...

And one for those who love summer!

Summer Lovin' License Plate
Summer Lovin' License Plate by TheGraphicsCreative
Shop for Heart License Plate Covers online at

Want to look for one that fits your style? Have a look here!

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