Friday, June 27, 2014

Custom Zazzle-cure!

In need of a manicure? How about getting a Zazzle-cure with Zazzle's Minx nails? They are stylish nail coverings (a.k.a. stickers or decals) that can be applied either at home or at a Minx salon. Let's check some out!

Get your morning started right with these breakfast themed nails! Yummy...

So, I am not a nail polish or nail cover kind of person, but I might seriously consider being that person if I had these. SUSHI?! YES!

Chevron patterns are all the rage, so check out these fun pink, blue, and white chevron patterned ones!

Here are some cool crimson blending stripes nails...

Lips and lipstick, anyone? Fun!

Lips and Lipstick Nail Art
Lips and Lipstick Nail Art by Photo_Genesis
Browse more Lipstick Minx Nails at Zazzle

So, right now on Zazzle there are over 44,000 Minx nails to choose from. If you don't see one you like here, I am sure you can find a set on Zazzle. Check them out here!

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