Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simple Favorites

Here's a lovely store for you to check out; and here's what the artist says you'll find; "Simple Favorites is just what the name says...simply my favorite things. Here you'll find a variety of unique and exclusive photographic designs from photos I've taken, craft projects I've done, fabric collages, and some miscellaneous designs." There are travel photos of Italy, Germany, Japan, India, and more! You'll find photos of animals, from grizzlies to monkeys, and beautiful images of fabric collages. There's so much to see in this wonderful shop; don't miss out!


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Iggys World

Are you ready for cute and colorful? Then step on in to Iggys World, where that is just what you'll find! There's cupcakes and butterflies, sweet little penguins, and so much more! Pop on in and have a look around, and don't miss out on the red rose and cute kitty designs!


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There are a lot of fun things happening at Bonadrag, from colorful patterns to lovely butterflies, and wonderful vintage designs. I love the cute "bees knees" products, and (of course) all the vintage art! Stop on in and see what you find at this unique store!


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Stop on by Lovecolor and feast your eyes on the beautiful watercolors! Here's a little from the artist about her designs and what you'll find; "Vibrant, unique surfing and beach products that appeal to the younger generation, as well as the young at heart! You'll also find patriotic items to honor our troops and holiday themes too!" Don't miss out on these brilliant designs; fantastically colorful and fun. There's sweet Halloween designs, stylish fashion designs, all things surf related, and so much more...enjoy!


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Kaleena Rae

From beautiful floral photography to colorful patterned products, Kaleena Rae's Zazzle Store is a fun place to be! Here's a bit from the store owner; "I am a mother, photographer, and Dachshund breeder. I hope you will enjoy my nature and wildlife photography products and Dachshund themed products as well." If you love Dachshunds, there's plenty of products with adorable pup designs, and the nature photography is not to be missed. Stop on in and check out all that Kaleena Rae's has to offer, and don't miss out on her adorably sweet owl creations, either!


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Shoe Art

If you are obsessed with stiletto shoes, then I've got the store for you! From stilettos with lipstick or chocolate, to swirls and champagne, there's a design to fit the needs of every shoe lover. This shop will satisfy your longing for stylish and outrageous stilettos...I think you're going to be in love!


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Stunning photography for you! I love the wonderful images at Skyfish; from florals to architectural shots, there is a lot of beauty in this shop! This artist also creates their own vector graphics, featuring creations of beautiful snowflakes, cute mushrooms, and more. Stop on in and see the wonderful places that have been photographed by this'll be entranced!

Skyfish store

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