Saturday, July 6, 2013

Faux Gemstone, Geode, and Stone Electronics Cases

I love faux cases, that give the look of being made out of something they aren't. Here are some fantastic electronics cases, that look as though they are made of stone, geodes, or gemstones. Wow! Which one is your favorite?

  Purple Amethyst Precious Gems Blackberry Curve CasesThe chancel of the Basilica of Saint-Denis Case For The Iphone 3iPad Case - Faux Stone Table 013Malachite Geode Iphone 4 CaseWestern Tack Room Red Sandstone Bas Relief Case-mate Blackberry CaseAgate Stone 1 Print Blackberry Case #1Malachite Stone 1 Print iPhone 3GBlue Swirl Agate iPhone 3 caseRhodochrosite Pattern Iphone 4 SkinNaturally Cool Surfaces_Granite look Iphone 3 SkinEbony Ivory marble Case-mate Blackberry CaseCarriage Sandstone Bas Relief Iphone 3 CaseAngkor Wat Ipad CaseRhodochrosite (MnCO3), an ore of Manganese, Argent Blackberry Bold CoverStone Finish iPhone 5 Covers Gray Stone iPhone 3g Case

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