Thursday, May 22, 2014

Featured Designer: The Candy Store

Just came across a great Zazzle store today...The Candy Store! The name says it all. This designer has some of the sweetest designs around!

 If you're a kids of the 80s, then you'll love this. It brings me back to my sticker collecting days.

And seriously, how cute is this?! Really. Cute.

Lil' Baby Peacock Postage
Lil' Baby Peacock Postage by candystore
Create your own USPS personalized stamps online at

Super stylish!

Hello from the city! greeting cards
Hello from the city! greeting cards by candystore
Check out City Cards online at zazzle

Oh, and you get get crafty with The Candy Store, too, with this adorable DIY banner!

There's a lot more at The Candy Store! Pop on in and have a look!

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