Friday, May 31, 2013

Faux Phone Cases: Fabrics

For those who love fabrics, these cases are for you! It's amazing how these faux designs can look so real!

  Faux Woven Vintage Book Cover Samsung Galaxy S CoverLace iPhone 4 Cover blue purpleLace and Flowers Iphone 4 CasesRed Tweed Texture Iphone 3 CoversPurple Green Knit Tough Iphone 4 CaseWoolly warmer beige iphone 4S barely case Iphone 4 CoversComfy Argyle Look iPhone4 CaseFuzzy Blue Fur Ipod Touch Coverfaux lace teal and cream floral damask pattern case-mate iphone 4 caseWestern Hessian Sacking Texture iPhone CaseWoven iPhone 4 CaseCanvas Iphone 3 SkinColourful Fabric iPhone Case iPhone 5 CasesVintage Woven Jean Blue Book Cover iPhone 3G Case

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